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The B2B Content Marketing Cookbook is your easy recipe for instant marketing success covering the practicalities and logistics of making your content work for lead generation.

Brought to you by Marketecture (G+, Website), an award winning team of strategists, creatives, planners and digital natives all coming together to deliver bottom line return on your marketing investment. We're all about building brand equity, generating conversions and delivering compelling communications that work.

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Ideas, frameworks and shortcuts to help b2b marketers serve up a hearty meal of piping hot leads.

In this tasty step-by-step guide you will discover:

  • A new ROI framework that will bring clarity and meaning to your content marketing efforts
  • A ‘three word’ lead generation strategy that any new technology or marketing tool can easily slot into
  • How to ‘do’ social media with a compelling ‘effort: reward’ ratio
  • Practical tips to help you create a more productive content workflow
  • New tools on the market right now to enhance your content marketing efforts.

B2B marketers who are sold on the bigger picture of 'why'. But a little frustrated on the lack of nitty-gritty on the 'how'.

From b2b marketers just pulling together a content marketing plan, to marketing automation virtuosos thinking up new ways of feeding their shiny machine.

And anyone else who just wants to get the leads rolling in as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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